Are you looking to find out more about molecular techniques for monitoring microbes? Are you in the process of building out a microbial mitigation strategy in Houston?

Check out Kim Docken’s talk at SPE GCS Completion and Production monthly meeting on September 27 at the Norris Conference Center, Houston. She will be highlighting #OSP4LifeCheck technology including OSP’s ATP assay, DNA – qPCR and DNA 16S full sequencing.

Presentation Abstract

Standard methods for monitoring microbes (culture media) has been documented in the scientific literature as measuring less than 1% of the total population present in a sample. What techniques are available to the industry to improve the data? Molecular methods like enzymes, ATP, and DNA are quickly coming on scene and each has their unique pros and cons. The talk today will review those methods, and case studies will be provided to show the benefits of each. Highlighted technology will include ATP assay, DNA – qPCR and DNA 16S full sequencing.

Registration for the talk opens September 1, 2017 here.