30 Looks Great with New Technical Centre

Milestone birthdays are great moments in time to reflect on the path to now and envision the journey ahead.  In the wake of OSP’s 30th Birthday, the timing was ripe to dream big. Expanding our physical footprint in Calgary with the move to a new space, the adage “if you build it, they will come” rang true.

OSP Technical Centre

After multiple engagements with external consultants, architects, trades teams and the OSP technical team, we landed on the perfect plan for our NEW OSP Technical Centre. Offering over 1,000 sq. ft. of pristine laboratory space, OSP opened the doors to its future as a microbial diagnosis and inhibition testing center for the oil and gas industry.

The OSP Technical Centre is a full service testing lab offering complete microbial testing including DNA 16S Sequencing, DNA qPCR, ATP Tests, Growth Media Tests, Biocide Selection Studies (Kill Studies) and more. Outfitted with state of the art equipment and complete safety controls, OSP is armed to accept your liquid (source, flowback, produced) and solid (pipe segments, coiled tubing, pig returns) samples.


OSP provides microbial identification, evaluation and control via technology and services to ensure our stakeholders are protecting their assets with the best information and products available in the energy industry. We are committed to providing technical testing, quality reports and reliable specialty chemical products for water-based applications in the energy industry.