Join OSP at PWS Seminar 2019: Solutions for Microbial Control

Water consumption and management has quickly become paramount to the success of most, if not all modern unconventional shale oil plays. Water-borne microbes are introduced to a well during drilling. Problems posed by microbes to the oil and gas production industry include microbiologically influenced corrosion, well souring and biofouling.

The most effective way to mitigate microbial issues is to apply carefully designed microbial control programs built on a strong foundation of microbial assessments – data driven decisions. On February 7 at the PWS Seminar 2019, we will explain in detail the various microbial detection techniques available to the oil and gas industry, including culture media, ATP and DNA (qPCR and 16S Sequencing) highlighting the types of information they provide, and how the information is used to develop a robust microbial control program. Acknowledging every system and scenario are unique, we will guide you through the why and how modern microbial testing technology drives microbial control decisions.

Recent case studies, are examined and serve to demonstrate how decisions void of sound data (regarding microbial control) can be detrimental to the performance of a system or application. In one particular study, a production client experienced well souring shortly after coming on production post-frac in which they frac’d with ‘fresh’ water and had no SRB bottles turn. So where was the gap? An additional case study indicates how the performance metrics of some of the most common biocides, including chlorine dioxide, can be deceptive and lead to false assurances. These false assurances are brought to light and overcome by the use of molecular microbiological testing (DNA).

The selected case studies will showcase how a strong understanding of the microbial communities in your system is critical to the long-term performance of a hydraulically fractured oil producing well, driving home the notion that through water-microbial management, we are all “stewards of the well-being of a well”.

Don’t miss out on our Session Track: Solutions for Microbial Control at the PWS Seminar February 7 at 10:00 am.

OSP works with the global oil and gas community to create solutions for the effects of water and its use. From consulting services, to on-site and in lab microbial testing services, to chemical supply, OSP is focused on water treatment solutions. Our commitment to quality is evident in the technical support and customer service we provide. From identified problem to solution, OSP is committed to targeting, testing and treating water related issues.

An area of focus for OSP is microbial identification, evaluation and control via technology and services to ensure our clients are protecting their assets with the best information and specialty chemical products available. Another area of focus for OSP is scale inhibition, supporting our clients with chemistries and finished formulations that effectively target scale issues.