The art of sample collection is truly that, an art. Jordan Barber, member of the OSP Technical Team, offers his words of wisdom and insider view on sampling. From refilled ‘spitter’ bottles to pop bottles, Jordan has seen it all. From previous field experience, he gets it. You need to collect the sample but the important thing to remember is you get out of it, what you put into it. Microbes are everywhere and even if you rinse out your previously used bottle and it looks clean, there is much more there than what the eye can see. Using cutting edge DNA testing, we have revealed many interesting hidden stories through the microbial signature within any given sample. It’s not always MIC and souring microbes discovered. So within sample collection Jordan recommends keeping on hand sterile containers allowing us to focus the DNA lens on the overall microbial contamination of your sample.
Jordan Barber, Laboratory Technologist