Robert Johnson, Lead Technologist at OSP, offers some words of wisdom on the relevance of looking at water as a whole. From time to time people come to us without having completed a water analysis but they’re asking for a biocide to treat their corrosion issues. In the absence of a water analysis, there isn’t a shared obviousness of what is causing the corrosion. Quite possibly the water itself is corrosive consequently resulting in the biocide not really doing anything for them. The data offered from a complete water analysis provides understanding to the full spectrum of challenges present. In combination with ATP microbial testing, a complete view is available and holistic understanding on how best to counteract the problems present. You can’t mitigate what you can’t measure continues to ring true in that you can’t treat a problem, if the problem isn’t what it is believed to be. Let the data drive decisions.
Robert Johnson, Lead Technologist