Use data to drive decisions

Have you ever seen the movie Vantage Point? The same scenario is played out over and over, retelling the minutes that led up to a major event, emphasizing different character’s actions and their vantage point on what actually happened. Our vantage point provides a lens through which we see, in turn precluding us from seeing what is available from an alternate vantage point. But what happens if an alternate approach provides more clarity, or improved decision making or cost savings?

Treatment cost vs product cost

Your mandate – find the best chemical program for the best price. You start by putting the chemical program out for bid.

  • Vantage point one: You jump on the opportunity with a low cost provider for product that will get the job done at a chemical cost that supports the budget.
  • Vantage point two: You request chemical provider recommendations for the optimal chemical program based on the price to treat a barrel or cube of water effectively within the established budget.
  • Vantage point three: You are focused on the overall project treatment cost. A kill study complete with value/costing reveals the higher chemical cost product achieves a lower total treatment cost, and maintains the established budget.

Product cost by volume may not be the best metric in biocide selection. A higher priced biocide may demand a lower treatment rate reducing the overall treatment cost.

Let’s look at this from the perspective of everyday life. When you have to shave you can buy the cheap Bic 2-blade razor for pennies. Or you put your money down for the 5 blade Gillette. The Bic gets you through one shave and the Gillette is still performing 5 shaves later. So who’s the real winner here? Don’t get caught up in the cost per razor when it is really the cost per shave that you’re after!

Client Case Study

Scientific Approach

A Biocide Selection Study was completed on the source water to be used for hydraulic fracturing. ATP testing was used as the measurement tool to assess the active microbial load, trending the data against the defined microbial control level of 105 ME/ml.

Biocide Selection Study_OSP


Biocides capable of attaining microbial control and holding it for the duration of the 3 week test were:

  • Biocide A
  • Biocide B
  • Biocide C

OSP works with the global oil and gas community to create solutions for the effects of water and its use. From consulting services, to on-site and in lab microbial testing services, to chemical supply, OSP is focused on water treatment solutions. Our commitment to quality is evident in the technical support and customer service we provide. From identified problem to solution, OSP is committed to targeting, testing and treating water related issues.

An area of focus for OSP is microbial identification, evaluation and control via technology and services to ensure our clients are protecting their assets with the best information and specialty chemical products available. Another area of focus for OSP is scale inhibition, supporting our clients with chemistries and finished formulations that effectively target scale issues.