The Microbe Machine 3000 – the all-in-one solution for your bug-related issues! Sounds a bit like the Silver Bullet, Cure-all, or Snake Oil doesn’t it – all of which are usually met with raised eyebrows and skepticism! We have such a hard time getting behind the idea that one solution will be the answer to all our problems, however we see it a lot when it comes to microbial testing. Some people live and die by bug bottles, others only use ATP, and some only employ DNA testing to identify microbial threats and drive mitigation programs. The truth is, although each of these techniques has its own merit, strengths and place, none of them individually are the panacea for every application when picking a biocide, understanding potential issues, or evaluating current programs. That would be the same as saying that stethoscopes are the only tool needed to diagnose illness and disease; although useful for catching potential problems with the heart or lungs, it adds no value when assessing skin conditions. The point that we want to drive home is that in order to make the best decisions for our systems (i.e. choosing a biocide for our frac), we need to make sure we are using the appropriate tools, and sometimes a combination of tools; relying solely on Ol’ Faithful may not cut it.