Does demand create supply or does supply create demand? Synonymous to the proverbial chicken and egg scenario, it is not clear which of the two events should be considered the cause and which should be considered the effect. Let’s focus instead on what is clear, manufacturing and innovation with words of wisdom from Sean Barber, Operations Director. Look at your manufacturing system and process as your unique competitive differentiator focused on adaptability, quality and efficiency, driving the end customer experience. Take the time to ensure processes are developed and deployed to satisfy customer demand and to ensure safe inventory supplies are met, creating an equilibrium between supply and demand. In turn, make the time to constantly evaluate, adapt and update as you learn and grow. An area of opportunity more present in today’s market is automation offering efficient maintenance of quality standards while streamlining lead times and overall cost implications. Through automation and enhanced technological offerings, the recognized improvements in responsiveness and agility removes the areas that lack clarity through cyclical business sales – supply and demand.
Sean Barber, Operations Director