With continued economic pressures in various North American plays since 2015, optimization remains an industry focus for operators. When it comes to managing industrial fluids, optimization can turn into cost savings via commoditization. Our clients and stakeholders are often tasked with managing the economics around the selection of chemicals, the logistics of transport and disposal, and metering and monitoring. When the dollar per unit volume of a chemical becomes the dominant metric of success, the overall complexity of your application is overlooked. This leads to a ‘domino’ effect of selecting inappropriate chemistries and application methods, that ignores how the pieces of your system fit together. Focusing on providing apparent cost savings for one thing at a time will jeopardize efficiencies of overall operations. With system optimization at the forefront, the focus shifts to using the right chemistries, at the right doses, and the best places.

Shirin Fallahtafti, Product Line Manager