LifeCheck ATP vs Bug Bottles

Today marks the epic Championship battle between LifeCheck ATP vs Bug Bottles. Reader discretion is advised. It is important to remember bug bottles and ATP testing are used for different things and provide very different results.

Fighting out of the blue corner, we have Bug Bottles (serial dilution media). With a track record based on bottle turns, bug bottles tell you how many of a certain type of microbe (SRB) consumed the food source present. What they don’t tell you is how many are capable of consuming that food source but didn’t under the specific testing conditions. If you only test for SRB using bug bottles and subsequently design your biocide programs based on these numbers, there is a risk of drastically underestimating the microbial load, ultimately setting up the treatment program to fail.

Fighting out of the orange corner, we have LifeCheck ATP. With a track record based on adenosine triphosphate, ATP can be used to identify how many living microbes are present in your sample. This is important when considering biocide programs as they are non-selective, meaning they don’t only kill the bad guys – they kill ‘em all. Because ATP quantifies all the living microbes in a sample, not just the bad guys, ATP testing can be used to evaluate biocide programs, screen source waters and design effective treatment programs.

When designing biocide programs, are you willing to gamble on bug bottle results and risk missing all the other microbes or do you want to set yourself up for success by counting all the active microbes with ATP? It’s time to place your bets. Will it be Bug Bottles out of the blue corner or LifeCheck ATP out of the orange corner? To find out the betting odds, contact our OSP technical team.

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