When planning a well, cost estimates (AFE’s) are generated line-by-line, ensuring that every detail is captured. These line items are scrutinized for cost savings with the end goal of ensuring the budget and revenue targets are maintained. As experience evolves within this process, what can happen is habituated mindsets. Not wanting to undergo further scrutinization, we hit replay on the previous pad decisions, check the box ‘yes biocide was used’ and move on.

Insert sirens here. It’s time for a shift in mindsets and a stronger focus on the long-term effects of decisions taking into consideration the holistic life of a well. In the absence of the bigger picture, checking the box may result in exponential costs. No one system is the same, consequently there is no silver bullet when it comes to biocide application. Engaging experts that understand shifting microbial communities and long-term downhole protection requirements based on microbes present, can mitigate against costly mistakes that result from checking the box.

Inspect what you expect and let the data drive decisions.

~ Brian Normoyle, COO