Tyna and Debby hit the gym to lose weight and improve stamina. Tyna plays sports, walks everywhere and eats healthy. Debby smokes, drives everywhere and eats junk food. The trainer doesn’t know their lifestyles and puts them on the exact same fitness program of lightly jogging for one hour. How likely is it that both will reach their goal? This might be the perfect start that Debby needs, but Tyna may need a different program to see results.

The same logic applies to biocide treatment programs. If my biocide program worked well on a water source, it doesn’t mean it will work well on another. Different chemistry and/or dosages may be needed to see results for different waters, even if they have the same level of active microbes (same ATP). Conduct a kill study to know which product is the best for your water and what dosage is optimal, rather than just applying the same treatment program you’ve used in the past.

If the trainer spent a tiny bit of time upfront asking about Tyna’s lifestyle, they could have designed the best training program that produced the optimal results.

~ Shawn Chamberlain, Technical Service Manager