Here is a real-life scenario for you! Recently a client engaged OSP, requesting evaluation of the microbial communities in c-rings used to collect and store produced water for reuse as frac source water. The client was concerned about microbes that may lead to well performance issues post-frac. Utilizing both LifeCheck ATP and LifeCheck DNA qPCR, the OSP technical team assessed the submitted samples for the presence of souring and MIC microbes, as well as the overall microbial load present. The overall microbial load was high at 107 ME/mL and qPCR testing identified the presence of souring related bacteria, confirming there was a significant threat within the c-ring waters. The OSP technical team recommended the implementation of a microbial control program (biocide) designed to both pre-treat the microbial population within the source fluid and to protect the reservoir over the time period spanning from fracturing to bringing the well online.