Monitor day to day business environments with our first-rate COVID-19 Test Kit.

COVID-19 Testing: Industrial and Environmental Testing Services

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a national need has emerged for industrial and environmental testing to help businesses reopen and resume safe operations. As a technical leader in microbial testing, OSP is proud to introduce first-rate, industrial and environmental COVID-19 Test Services with easy to use client kits. Our LifeCheck RNA qPCR Test Kits, complete with all consumables, provide businesses the opportunity to test and verify the absence of COVID-19, delivering peace of mind for stakeholders while driving workplace hygiene programs.

COVID-19 Test Services

Complete with unrivaled testing protocols and exacting quality assurance and control processes, our validated COVID-19 testing provide businesses with trusted results. Utilizing the same RT-qPCR instrumentation relied upon by the health authorities worldwide, our test detects and quantifies the genetic signature (RNA) of the COVID-19 virus in swab samples from industrial and environmental surfaces. Positive results indicate the presence of genetic material from the COVID-19 virus.

How it Works

Request a LifeCheck RNA qPCR Test Kit

Our Technical Team will mail you an easy to use, LifeCheck RNA qPCR Test Kit complete with a sealed preservation vial stable at room temperature, sterile soft rayon swabs and sampling instructions.
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When the kit arrives, follow the included sampling instructions wearing required PPE. Swab the surface where contamination may have occurred (e.g.: door handles, light switches, monitors, equipment, fixtures, etc.). Testing is for research only. Human or clinical samples are strictly prohibited. Return the swab sample into the provided test kit and return mail the sample to our OSP Technical Centre. Samples should ideally be submitted within 24 – 48 hours of collection.


The OSP Technical Centre will complete molecular diagnostics and send resulting report.

Industrial and Environmental COVID-19 Testing Frequently Asked Questions

Why is OSP involved in industrial and environmental virus screening?
How does surface testing work?
  • Swab the surface where contamination may have occurred (e.g.: door handles, light switches, monitors, equipment, fixtures, etc.)
  • Process the swab sample by placing it into the provided test kit
How long does it take to get test results?
Test results will be emailed within 5 business days.
Can we use the surface swabs and materials for human testing?
No – DO NOT use the LifeCheck RNA qPCR Test Kits for human testing.
Disclaimer: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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