Inhibit scale formation in oil and gas water handling operations

In 2014, OSP acquired Telomer® corporation and with it 45 years of experience in research, development, manufacturing and sales of specialty polymers for use as multi-purpose inhibitors. Telomer scale inhibitor products are manufactured with a strong emphasis on quality, consistency and deliverability to make sure they meet the arduous demands of the oil and gas industry. These advanced polymers prevent scale deposition and improve overall water quality.

Water treatment for energy and industrial applications

Energy Industry

Scale of metal tubulars and pipelines impedes flow and causes damage to equipment resulting in reduced production, downtime and increased costs.

Industrial Water Treatment

Scale can affect any industrial process involving water and cause disruptions to manufacturing activities and costly maintenance repairs.

Proactive applications for successful operations

Scale inhibition can be achieved by interfering with the three main stages of scale development: nucleation, precipitation and adherence. The mode of scale inhibition depends on the product type. For example, polymer-based Telomer products are crystal modifiers that prevent scale crystal growth. Telomer products address a number of specific scale and dispersant issues.

OSP can help you determine which Telomer products are suited to your application

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I wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much for our partnership. I cannot ask for a better partnership than the one I have with OSP. The dedication, time and effort to help us get up and going with ATP testing is something that has not gone unrecognized. It is truly amazing to see that wonderful customer service still lives in our industry. This type of partnership is one we will continue to have and grow together.

Courtney, Kel-Tech, A Clariant Company

Since 2014, Omega Treating Chemicals has been engaging OSP and their team for science related challenges, technical lab support, microbial testing services, scale support and sales support. The team at OSP feels like an extension of our team, always willing and able to respond, offering holistic client support from lab to field to sales. With a fantastic collaborative partnership over the years, when we are looking to problem solve, we never hesitate to call OSP.

Leah Duran, Technical Director, Omega Treating Chemical, Inc.

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