Granular biocide for microbial control

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2K7 Granular / 2K7 Water Soluble Paks

2K7 Granular and 2K7 Water Soluble Paks are a solid end use 2-Bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol (BNPD) product used to control microbial contamination. They are a non-ionic, balanced, broad-spectrum dry-add solid biocide.


2K7 Granular2K7 Water Soluble Pak
AppearanceWhite to Off-white free flowing solidWhite to off-white solid packaged in a clear water-soluble bag. The water-soluble bag is contained in a protective outer bag that is removed just prior to application.
Specific Gravity1.22-1.91
Density1.2-1.9 g/mL (10.01-15.86 lbs/Gal)
SolubilityWater soluble to 280 g/LWater soluble packaging dissolves in 44 Seconds at 20 °C (68 °F). Package contents are water soluble to 280 g/L
Ionic ChargeNon-ionic
pH5.0-7.0 (1% w/w Solution)

2K7 Granular / Water Soluble Paks Features and Benefits

  • Broad spectrum, non-selective antimicrobial chemistry
  • Non-ionic, highly compatible with other industrial chemicals
  • Balanced efficacy (good balance between speed and length of protection)
  • 2K7 Water Soluble Paks avoid chemical contact – just open outer bag and toss the pak in
  • Effective in high TDS and dissolution challenges – 2K7 Granular pours through oil skins

2K7 Granular / Water Soluble Paks Recommended Uses

  • Dry addition (including batch addition) for treating high water volumes including addition into Frac, Saddle, Buffer and Settling tanks.
  • Within Completions activities, 2K7 Water Soluble Paks can be used to:
    • Pre Treat Tanks
    • Topping Up Buffer/Working Tanks
    • Fluid Transfer Control (Trucking, Pipeline, Lay Flat Hosing)
    • Fluid Staging – Tanks and Pits (Long Term Control)
    • Asset Layup or Cleaning
  • 2K7 Granular and 2K7 Water Soluble Paks are a registered biocide. Please refer to product label for approved directions for use.


  • 2K7 Granular is available in pails in North America.
  • 2K7 Water Soluble Paks are available as boxes of 25 x 1Kg (2.2 lbs) bags in North America.



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