Protect Against and Control CT String Corrosion


cTRON Shield is a corrosion inhibitor developed to offer enhanced protection for coiled tubing strings, post flush, during storage (layup). This water soluble product, can be applied directly into the saddle tank, offering an exceptional safety profile. 

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Custom Performance Testing

Custom performance testing was completed to mimic coil storage conditions.

Coiled Tubing Testing Apparatus


Testing Apparatus:

  • U-shape to mimic most vulnerable coil sections on spool (storage scenario)
  • Field representative brine based on actual CWA information

cTRON Shield Features and Benefits

  • Water soluble, can be applied directly to the saddle tank
  • Validated with field relevant testing to protect CT strings between jobs and during storage
  • Hassle free storage: not flammable, not classified for transport, not hazardous under GHS


  • cTRON Shield is available in pails in North America.

Lengthen CT String Life

Mitigate the impacts of Corrosion

Corrosion, a complex electrochemical-phenomenon influenced by many factors including physical conditions, chemical composition, material composition and microbiology, is the cause of approximately 30 percent of premature retirements and failures.

Premature string failures due to corrosion decreases running feet, resulting in a decrease in coiled tubing string fatigue life, driving operating costs up.

To increase string life and reliability, fight the 30% of failures related to corrosion and effectively protect your string with a corrosion inhibitor. A properly selected inhibitor will protect your steel.

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