Responsive, persistent, long-term control with 2K7 Biocide

Water provides an ideal environment for the proliferation of microorganisms and, if uncontrolled, can cause significant problems including increased operating costs. In the energy industry, the development and operation of an oilfield goes through several distinct phases, all of which can be affected by unwanted microbial growth. Microbial contamination can occur during drilling of the well, preparing the well for production (stimulation), construction of the facilities and production itself.

Many operations in the oilfield industry tend to present anaerobic environments, favouring the proliferation of sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB), resulting in the production of H2S. 2K7 biocide helps control microbial growth, preventing significant problems including reservoir souring, metal corrosion, biofilm buildup and health hazards.

2K7 Biocide Features and Benefits

  • Non-ionic, balanced biocide
  • No known resistance
  • Responsive, long-term control
  • Compatible with most chemistries 
  • Effective in fluids with high total suspended solids 
  • Effective in high brines, high iron 
  • Stable in solid and solution form

How 2K7 Biocide Works

2K7 biocide disrupts microbial activity by incorporating into sulfur-containing proteins. The antimicrobial activity is not associated with bromine or formaldehyde. 2K7 is non-ionic and very compatible with most chemicals including other biocides however it will interact with thiol groups, and dosages may need to be adjusted appropriately to overcome said reactions. Oxygen scavengers like sodium bisulfite may be used to deactivate 2K7. Always check effectiveness and compatibility before applying this product into fluid systems or alongside other chemical treatments.

OSP 2K7 biocide provides consistent microbial control and outlasts current product in Texas coiled tubing operation


Coiled tubing (CT) mill out of bridge plugs is a common operation. To increase the lifespan of their tubing, Service Companies are turning to a variety of products to mitigate microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), which has been shown to cause pitting leading to premature string failure. Microbial growth in mill-out fluids pumped downhole can also cause formation damage, such as souring.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the long-term production benefits of treating with 2K7 biocide?

The usage of 2K7 biocide prevents bacterial contamination and growth, controlling issues that arise from their presence, including microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC). 2K7 reduces the risk of failures, improves run time on pipe, prevents contamination of downhole equipment and controls formation damage.

Is 2K7 compatible with most chemistries?

Yes. 2K7 is non-ionic and therefore very compatible with most system components within the oil and gas industry.

Can microbes develop a resistance to 2K7 over time?

Very unlikely. While it has been proposed that microbes can develop resistances to organic biocides, this has not been seen with 2K7 applications nor is it likely based on application methods used within our industry.

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