Increase the lifespan of your coiled tubing string

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Mitigate the costly impacts of corrosion.

Did you know corrosion is the cause of approximately 30 percent of premature retirements and failures? We refer to corrosion as a complex electrochemical phenomenon, influenced by many factors including physical conditions, chemical composition, material composition and microbiology.

Increase CT string life

Premature string failures due to corrosion decreases running feet, resulting in a decrease in coiled tubing string life. The end outcome is increased operating costs. To increase string life and reliability, protect your valuable coiled tubing assets during the most vulnerable conditions including:

  • Between jobsites
  • Idle time
  • Storage

A comprehensive coil protection package works to extend the life of the string and takes into consideration the mechanisms of corrosion. With multiple contributing causes, corrosion is a multi-faceted phenomenon demanding robust chemistries that offer protection against the costly effects of premature string failure.

Tackle the ~30% of failures related to corrosion and protect your string with a validated protection program developed specifically for coiled tubing applications.

OSP 2K7 biocide provides consistent microbial control and outlasts current product in Texas coiled tubing operation

Permian Basin

OSP 2K7 biocide addresses premature coiled tubing failures in the Montney


OSP 2K7 Water Soluble Paks reduce bacterial load in coiled tubing fluid in the Eagle Ford

Eagle Ford

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