In fuel there is water. And in water there are microbes.

Protect fuel quality and system health

Biodeterioration of fuel quality in the presence of water

In fuel there is water. No matter how well maintained a fuel storage system is, water is invariably present which has the potential to impact fuel quality. A number of sources contribute to the presence of water.

  • Freshly refined fuel contains some water which separates out as the fuel cools down.
  • Fluctuations in the outside temperature and humidity can cause water vapour to travel into and out of the tank, where it condenses on the cooler surfaces within the tank eventually settling on the bottom of the tank.
  • Rain or snow may enter the tank via sampling ports, breather vents or seals.
  • Transport or storage in tankers or barges can result in contamination from ballast water.

What do we know about water?

In water, there are microbes. These microbes proliferate in the fuel/water interface drawing nutrients (hydrocarbons) from the fuel phase. Basically, given the right conditions, aerobic and anaerobic microbes, and fungi thrive in fuel tanks.

Microbial contamination of fuels or ‘diesel bug’ results in:

  • Fouling of systems, particularly valves, injectors, filters and coalescers
  • Emulsification and mixing of fuel products with water
  • MIC, particularly due to acid and sulfide generation

Protect your fuel against slime, filter blockage, plugged injectors, sludge, corrosion, plugged fuel gauges and fuel biodeterioration with MB7 FP.

Finished Fuels ATP Testing

When it comes to monitoring the condition of your fuel and fuel system, LifeCheck ATP Testing is a great method for assessing microbial presence. ATP testing with the ASTM designation D7687 (also called the ATP By Filtration method) provides reliable and accurate qualitative results in minutes, identifying the presence of bacteria, yeasts and molds within the fuel sample. For step by step instructions of fuel sample testing, reference our attached LifeCheck ATP Handbook.

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