Coiled Tubing Protection

Premature string failures due to corrosion decreases running feet, resulting in a decrease in coiled tubing string life. The end outcome is increased operating costs. To increase string life and reliability, protect your valuable coiled tubing assets during the most vulnerable conditions including:

  • Between jobsites
  • Idle time
  • Storage
A comprehensive coil protection package works to extend the life of the string and takes into consideration the mechanisms of corrosion. With multiple contributing causes, corrosion is a multi-faceted phenomenon demanding robust chemistries that offer protection against the costly effects of premature string failure.

Tackle the ~30% of failures related to corrosion and protect your string with a validated protection program developed specifically for coiled tubing applications.

Complete Coiled Tubing Protection

OSP’s Coiled Tubing Protection Package includes highly compatible biocide options as well as a post job corrosion inhibitor, validated with field relevant testing conditions. The OSP CT Protection Package includes robust chemistries that mitigate early failure risks and are designed for plug and play applications, ensuring reproducible results in the field.

DB7 Biocide: broad spectrum, non-ionic, biocide
2K7 Biocide: broad spectrum, non-ionic, biocide
cTRON SHIELD: water-soluble filming corrosion inhibitor tailored to manage the key mechanisms leading to storage corrosion

CT Protection Package Features and Benefits

  • Field Friendly: Pre-measured post flush product for easy application into the saddle tank
  • Whole System Compatibility: 2K7 and DB7 biocides are compatible with a wide range of friction reducers (anionic and cationic)*

*cTRON SHIELD is a post job corrosion inhibitor and is not used with friction reducers.


Application programs are adapted to client needs, taking into consideration coil operations recommended practices and standard operating procedures. Our tailored plug and play products and overall program adoption can be supported with OSP onsite testing and training.

The CT Protection package can be applied concurrently as part of one post flush pill (or separately for optimal performance).

OSP provides product volumes that accommodate any sized operation or activity level. No minimum quantity levels required for purchases.

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