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We come from oil and gas, which means we understand oil and gas. We understand the challenges, the frustration, the risks and the rewards. Every day our team of experts commits to curating solutions. We use data to drive decision making and chemical product selection.

We do all of this to protect your assets, systems and applications from the effects of water.

Proven Chemical Products

At OSP, we focus on the effects of water and microbial-related challenges in oil and gas. We source and test robust chemical products, validating efficacy with the data.

We are committed to providing compatible chemical products and multiple delivery mechanisms.

Talk to our team about our portfolio of chemical solutions.

Microbial Testing Technology

OSP does not leave ‘anyone’ out when it comes to microbial detection. From accurate field level testing to thorough DNA based testing, our team of experts are here for you.

We will help you understand and select the right test method for your specific application or system.

Make informed, data driven decisions with OSP.

OSP is committed to curating knowledge, chemical products and solutions that target microbial challenges in oil and gas.

We are a service company for oil and gas service companies

Since 1988, we have been building a reputation for quality. Working alongside Service Companies, we target, test and treat water related issues in oil and gas. From technical testing to data driven reports to proven chemical products, OSP is here to help.

Client Success Stories

Why is microbial testing important and beneficial within oil and gas?

Here is a real-life scenario for you! Recently a client engaged OSP, requesting evaluation of the microbial communities in c-rings used to collect and store produced water for reuse as frac source water. The client was concerned about microbes that may lead to well...

Corrosion failure microbial testing

The OSP technical team recently completed microbial testing for a client experiencing corrosion failures within a field producing for one year. To better understand the source of the recent failures, OSP conducted LifeCheck DNA qPCR and 16S Sequencing on samples to...

Source water evaluation for upcoming frac

OSP was recently engaged by a client to conduct microbial assessments on three source water options being evaluated for an upcoming frac. Utilizing both LifeCheck DNA qPCR and 16S Sequencing, the technical team was able to discern microbial loads and overall threat...

It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

Our client thought so. Post biocide treatment, OSP was engaged to complete a microbial analysis of pipeline fluids for levels of potentially problematic MIC and souring-related microbes. Utilizing both LifeCheck ATP and LifeCheck DNA qPCR, OSP concluded the overall...

OSP Words of Wisdom

Microbes are Everywhere

   Did you know microbes are everywhere, even in our waters? Each water will provide different nutrients and experience different environmental changes. If your water changes, so will your microbial community. You can’t make changes in any one part of the...

50 Shades of Water

Water is water, right? Look at water as a vehicle. It is a key component of your fluid package helping deliver sand, inhibitors, friction reducers and other chemistries in, and debris out. Every time we use a water source, we leave behind industrial chemicals and...

A Comprehensive Biocide Program: Do you know the Drill?

Drilling fluids are composed of a mix of natural and synthetic additives selected based on operational needs and disposal considerations. Most wells are drilled with water-based drilling fluids. The water content and availability of nutrient sources found...

Corrosion is a Multifaceted Phenomenon

Even when the evidence begins to point to microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), don’t lose sight of the fact that corrosion is a multifaceted phenomenon. In a recent study conducted by Dr. Dennis Enning, Engineering Associate at ExxonMobil Upstream...

Holistic view of a multi-well pad: Pay for it now or really pay for it later

When planning a well, cost estimates (AFE’s) are generated line-by-line, ensuring that every detail is captured. These line items are scrutinized for cost savings with the end goal of ensuring the budget and revenue targets are maintained. As experience...

The Human Factor

The Human Factor is one of the most important factors to consider when designing your microbial mitigation programs. Lab data, product data, experience, expertise, and know-how can create effective programs for control, but one must always factor in human...

Overextending the KISS Principle

The phrase; “keep it simple stupid” (KISS), coined by Kelly Johnson as a product design principle, alludes to the idea that most systems function best if they are kept as simple as possible, avoiding unnecessary complexities. This principle has been...

What’s your well drinking?

If you were thirsty and I hand you a glass of water, you would be pretty sick if I gave you fresh water from my septic field rather than fresh water from my tap; the same goes for your well. Although we don’t always get to choose water with zero microbes...

Optimization over Commoditization

With continued economic pressures in various North American plays since 2015, optimization remains an industry focus for operators. When it comes to managing industrial fluids, optimization can turn into cost savings via commoditization. Our clients and...

Preservative Biocide

There is growing awareness in completions for the requirement of long-term protection or extended coverage biocides. A “preservative biocide” is often recommended but not fully understood. Think of what preserving means; to maintain something in its...

Since 2014, Omega Treating Chemicals has been engaging OSP and their team for science related challenges, technical lab support, microbial testing services, scale support and sales support. The team at OSP feels like an extension of our team, always willing and able to respond, offering holistic client support from lab to field to sales. With a fantastic collaborative partnership over the years, when we are looking to problem solve, we never hesitate to call OSP.

Leah Duran, Technical Director, Omega Treating Chemical, Inc

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much for our partnership. I cannot ask for a better partnership than the one I have with OSP. The dedication, time and effort to help us get up and going with ATP testing is something that has not gone unrecognized. It is truly amazing to see that wonderful customer service still lives in our industry. This type of partnership is one we will continue to have and grow together.

Courtney, Kel-Tech

During a follow up conversation with a Coiled Tubing client, they let us know they are getting significantly longer life out of their coil. On average they are experiencing 1.1 million running feet out of a coil string, compared to the industry average of approximately 600,000 running feet. They feel it all comes back to their commitment to monitoring and treatment program recommendations made by OSP, inclusive of LifeCheck ATP testing and biocide treatment of the water.


At first, I was a bit skeptical ordering ATP equipment and supplies from North America, concerned with long shipping times to Norway and overall service support. OSP mitigated these concerns, with superior customer service, surprising response times and expedited shipping. They would promptly let me know my questions or request was received, providing high quality service and expertise. I am repeatedly surprised by the extra effort OSP provides on all levels.

Tommy Hovd, Project Engineer, Clariant Oil Services Scandinavia

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