Welcome to OSP – microbial identification, control and scale inhibition for energy related water management markets in Canada and the United States.

We provide technical solutions for your microbial and scale problems.

OSP was founded in 1988 by Calgary-based entrepreneur Michael McLennan, who saw a need for improved microbial control in the oil and gas industry. Today, OSP’s high-level technical expertise provides customers with unparalleled access to application experience, support and product recommendations to target, test and treat microbial and scale related issues.

Microbial Testing Technology

Get access to immediate results of total bacteria with LifeCheck ATP Test Kits.
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Microbial Identification and Evaluation Services

Hit your targets with reliable, accurate DNA technology.
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Specialty Chemicals We Offer

Reliable, persistent, long term control can be achieved with our highly compatible 2K7 biocide.
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LifeCheck Resources

The first step in resolving issues dealing with microbial influenced corrosion is to understand the microbial population present.  LifeCheck Resources targets your problem through testing, and gathering data concerning overall microbial load, species present and associated risks based on genus and species present.

Specialty Chemical Resources

Microbial growth, as a result of the introduction of microbes through water-based applications can result in infection of the completed well, and in worst case, provide an environment conducive to souring of a field. Specialty Chemical Resources treats your targeted problem through our application expertise, specific formulations and delivery systems.

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