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Target, test and treat microbial related issues with OSP.

We’ve spent 30 years building a reputation for quality.

OSP works with the global oil and gas community to create solutions for the effects of water and its use. From consulting services, to on-site and in lab microbial testing services, to chemical supply, OSP is focused on water treatment solutions. Our commitment to quality is evident in the technical support and customer service we provide.

OSP is committed to targeting, testing and treating water related issues. Through leading edge technology and services, we ensure our clients are protecting their assets with the best information and biocides available.

Company History

OSP was founded in 1988 by Calgary-based entrepreneur Michael McLennan, who saw a need for improved microbial control in the oil and gas industry. In 2011, OSP acquired US-based Telomer Corporation, a premier distributor of intermediates for water treating chemicals including scale and corrosion inhibitors, iron dispersants and biocides. In 2014, OSP Microcheck and Telomer Corporation were rebranded as OSP to reflect our commitment to provide proven chemical solutions to our clients in North America.

Operating in Calgary and Houston, OSP’s high-level technical expertise provides customers with unparalleled access to application experience, support and product recommendations for microbial identification and control across North America.

  1. 1988 OSP Microcheck was founded in 1988 by Michael McLennan, a Calgary-based entrepreneur. Mike started out as a chemical sales representative servicing Alberta’s oilfield. He saw a need in the oil and gas industry for improved microbial control and with a little bit of grant money, he started the company.
  2. 2011 OSP acquires Texas-based Telomer Corporation - a premier distributor of intermediates for water treating chemicals including corrosion and scale inhibitors, iron dispersants and biocides.
  3. 2015 OSP moves to a new office centrally located in Houston's Energy Corridor providing customers with easier access to its services.
  4. 2017 OSP launches LifeCheck® Microbial Services to mitigate microbial load reporting challenges being experienced in the field as a result of lean teams and sample transportation issues. We have a team of technical experts available to evaluate samples at our in-house lab, or travel to your site to conduct testing at the source.
  5. 2017 OSP expands territory, setting up a remote office in Midland to expand service offerings in the Permian.
  6. 2018 OSP turns 30 and marks the occasion with an office move in Calgary to accommodate our growth plans. Our new home in Calgary is located at 820 28 St NE.

Mission Statement

OSP works with the global oil and gas community to create solutions for the effects of water and its use.

Core Values

  • Leadership: We work with our stakeholders to create an intentional future through coordinated action.
  • Commitment: We are always in action with intent. We keep things simple.
  • Responsibility: We own everything we say or do. We are competent in our actions.
  • Safety: We are stewards of safety and our environment.
  • Visibility: Everything we do creates value for the company and our stakeholders. We share both our successes and our learnings openly.
  • Integrity: We are excellent communicators. We are whole and complete with our word. We are reliable and consistent in our actions.

Commitment to Safety

At OSP we are committed to safety and the protection of health and well-being of our employees, clients, business partners, community and environment. We promote an active culture of safety and encourage safe behavior of others. We go above and beyond the minimum safety standards required to mitigate exposure to risk.


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Biocides vs Washing Dishes

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OSP holds Canadian and US Master registrations for its 2K7 Biocide product line.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Registered manufacturing facility for antimicrobials in US

Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA)
Approved manufacturing facility for antimicrobials in Canada

Since 2014, Omega Treating Chemicals has been engaging OSP and their team for science related challenges, technical lab support, microbial testing services, scale support and sales support. The team at OSP feels like an extension of our team, always willing and able to respond, offering holistic client support from lab to field to sales. With a fantastic collaborative partnership over the years, when we are looking to problem solve, we never hesitate to call OSP.

Leah Duran, Technical Director, Omega Treating Chemical, Inc

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much for our partnership. I cannot ask for a better partnership than the one I have with OSP. The dedication, time and effort to help us get up and going with ATP testing is something that has not gone unrecognized. It is truly amazing to see that wonderful customer service still lives in our industry. This type of partnership is one we will continue to have and grow together.

Courtney, Kel-Tech

During a follow up conversation with a Coiled Tubing client, they let us know they are getting significantly longer life out of their coil. On average they are experiencing 1.1 million running feet out of a coil string, compared to the industry average of approximately 600,000 running feet. They feel it all comes back to their commitment to monitoring and treatment program recommendations made by OSP, inclusive of LifeCheck ATP testing and biocide treatment of the water.


At first, I was a bit skeptical ordering ATP equipment and supplies from North America, concerned with long shipping times to Norway and overall service support. OSP mitigated these concerns, with superior customer service, surprising response times and expedited shipping. They would promptly let me know my questions or request was received, providing high quality service and expertise. I am repeatedly surprised by the extra effort OSP provides on all levels.

Tommy Hovd, Project Engineer, Clariant Oil Services Scandinavia

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