Testing Services

DNA Testing & Kill Study Services

Leading-edge testing technologies and services

OSP offers several testing technologies to generate quality data that accurately identifies and evaluates problematic microbes and supports sound decision making.

Biocide Selection Studies (Kill Studies)

Achieve biocide selection optimization and cost effectiveness

Biocide selection studies, also known as kill studies, are conducted to determine the optimal microbial control product and dosage for your application.

LifeCheck ATP Testing

Microbial identification and trending

LifeCheck ATP Test Kits are a field-ready test used to detect the overall population of microbes present.

LifeCheck DNA 16S Sequencing

Evaluate problematic microbes present with 16S Sequencing

LifeCheck DNA 16S Sequencing evaluates problematic microbes. It characterizes and provides insight into the microbial community present and its relative proportion.

LifeCheck DNA qPCR

Identify and quantify threatening microbes

LifeCheck DNA qPCR is an innovative genetic testing type used for rapidly determining problematic microbial populations. It enables the detection and accurate quantification of specific microbes without the need for growth media.

LifeCheck Media

Microbial monitoring with serial dilution culture media

LifeCheck Media – also referred to as culture media, bug bottles or nutrient broths – is a microbial testing technology based upon growing bacteria.

Find the right testing service for your application.

No two waters are alike, and our team of experts — including PhD microbiologists and oilfield microbial specialists — consult with clients to understand their operations and apply tailored testing strategies that generate the data they need to select the right biocide and optimal dosage for their application.

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