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Biocide Selection Guide

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Why Treat Clean Water with a Biocide

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LifeCheck ATP Test Kit Instruction Guide


Application Bulletins

2K7 Biocide for Coiled Tubing Applications

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2K7 Biocide For Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Applications

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I wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much for our partnership. I cannot ask for a better partnership than the one I have with OSP. The dedication, time and effort to help us get up and going with ATP testing is something that has not gone unrecognized. It is truly amazing to see that wonderful customer service still lives in our industry. This type of partnership is one we will continue to have and grow together.

Courtney, Kel-Tech, A Clariant Company

OSP is my favorite customer and collaborative partner. Their team is always looking at how to improve existing technology and adopt new technology. They communicate effectively, meet deadlines and look to provide clear and concrete answers. They know when to wear the OSP hat and when to just sit back and step away from work to get to know our team for who they are. It has been amazing working with OSP for all these reasons and more.

Madison, Solnexus