Mitigate microbial contamination in Oil and Gas

Maintain effective microbial control

Wherever there is water, there are microbes. Depending on the application, microbial contamination can lead to serious issues such as spoiling, fouling, souring and corrosion. These issues can result in downtime, safety concerns, added costs and even equipment failure.

Microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) and souring can affect many aspects of oil and gas development resulting in downtime, safety issues and added costs. Additionally, any water-based industrial product or process will encounter issues with microbial contamination and require preservation or treatment to mitigate spoiling or fouling.

2K7 Biocide

2K7® is a broad-spectrum biocide that has been effectively used as an antimicrobial and preservative in many industries for over 30 years. OSP created 2K7 Bugsticks, a solid stick format of the 2K7 biocide that enables delivery to inaccessible areas where microbes can proliferate. OSP offers several formats and formulations of 2K7 depending on the application.

Microbial Consulting Services

Water is a part of oil and gas operations “tap to cap” from drilling new wells, operating pipelines and facilities, to final abandonment of wells and equipment. Effective operations and longevity of asset life rely on proper microbial control programs. Biocide use includes not only understanding the objectives of control, but also what influences the performance of the various biocides.

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Submit samples to OSP’s in-house lab for comparison studies to determine the best biocide for your microbiologically influenced corrosion control and prevention strategy.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ATP monitoring effective in establishing a treatment baseline?

ATP monitoring offers a powerful combination of speed, versatility, portability, and accuracy for microbial testing. All living cells contain ATP regardless of whether they are bacteria, fungi, or any other type of microbe. As such, its measurement is a direct indication of the microbial content in your sample. Our LifeCheck ATP test kit is an easy, fast and accurate microbial enumeration method, valuable in routine monitoring and supporting microbial management programs.

Is 2K7 compatible with most chemistries?

Yes. 2K7 is non-ionic and therefore very compatible with most system components within the oil and gas industry.

Can microbes develop a resistance to 2K7 over time?

Very unlikely. While it has been proposed that microbes can develop resistances to organic biocides, this has not been seen with 2K7 applications nor is it likely based on application methods used within our industry.


I wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much for our partnership. I cannot ask for a better partnership than the one I have with OSP. The dedication, time and effort to help us get up and going with ATP testing is something that has not gone unrecognized. It is truly amazing to see that wonderful customer service still lives in our industry. This type of partnership is one we will continue to have and grow together.

Courtney, Kel-Tech, A Clariant Company

Since 2014, Omega Treating Chemicals has been engaging OSP and their team for science related challenges, technical lab support, microbial testing services, scale support and sales support. The team at OSP feels like an extension of our team, always willing and able to respond, offering holistic client support from lab to field to sales. With a fantastic collaborative partnership over the years, when we are looking to problem solve, we never hesitate to call OSP.

Leah Duran, Technical Director, Omega Treating Chemical, Inc.

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