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Proven Chemical Products and Effective Protection Programs

Maintain asset integrity and equipment preparedness with proven chemical products

Wherever there is water, there are microbes. Water provides an ideal environment for the proliferation of microbes. It is a part of oil and gas operations tap to cap from drilling new wells, hydraulic fracturing, coiled tubing, operating pipelines and facilities, to final abandonment of wells and equipment.

Effective operations and longevity of asset life rely on proper chemical control programs. The name of the game is control. The goal is to keep the microbial load low enough and the conditions for growth inhospitable enough. The result is a reduction in downtime, safety concerns, added costs and even equipment failures. Effective microbial control programs, mitigate spoiling, fouling, souring and corrosion challenges.

How to select the right biocide at the right time.

All biocides kill microbes, but biocide selection has to encompass more than just the ability to kill. Effective operations and longevity of asset life rely on proper microbial control programs. Biocide use includes not only understanding the objectives of control, but also what influences the performance of the various biocides.

The following needs to be taken into consideration when determining the biocide category(ies) that best fit the application:

  • What are you trying to protect? (reservoir, assets)
  • For how long? (hours, days, weeks, months)
  • Other factors (water chemistry, conditions)
  • Regulations for usage and dosing (EPA/PMRA)

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