Microbial control with a solid biocide

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2K7 Bugstick / Slimstick

The 2K7 Bugstick and 2K7 Slimstick are unique solid end use 2-Bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol (BNPD) based products used to control microbial contamination. They are non-ionic, balanced, broad-spectrum dry-add solid biocides.


2K7 Bugstick2K7 Slimstick
AppearanceWhite to Off-white solid packaged in a clear water-soluble bag.
The water-soluble bag is contained in a protective outer bag that is removed just prior to application.
Unit Weight~ 118 g (0.26 lbs)~39 g (0.09 lbs)
Density1.5 g / m3
SolubilityWater soluble packaging dissolves in 44 seconds at 20 °C (68 °F).
When applied per label directions, package contents are water soluble in minutes without agitation.
Ionic ChargeNon-ionic
pH~5 (1% w/w Solution)

2K7 Bugstick / Slimstick Features and Benefits

  • Broad spectrum, non-selective antimicrobial chemistry
  • Non-ionic, highly compatible with other industrial chemicals
  • Balanced efficacy (good balance between speed and length of protection)
  • Simple application – just toss it in
  • Steady dissolution rate – dissolves in water over time
  • Sinks in water targeting microbes where they thrive – drops through hydrocarbons

2K7 Bugstick / Slimstick Recommended Uses

  • Batch applications (including addition into Frac, Saddle, Hydration, Buffer, and Settling tanks).
  • Use in low water volume and limited (restricted) access applications
    • Pre Treat Tanks
    • Fluid Transfer Control (Trucking, Pipeline, Lay Flat Hosing)
    • Asset Layup or Cleaning
  • The 2K7 Bugstick and 2K7 SlimStick are registered biocides, please refer to product label for approved directions for use.



Keep product in original outer bag until time of use.



The 2K7 Bugstick is available as boxes of 10 or 50 x 118 g (0.26 lbs) sticks in North America.
The 2K7 SlimStick is available as boxes of 30 x 39 g (0.09 lbs) sticks in North America.

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