Effective Plug and Play Fuel Biocide

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MB7 FP Fuel Biocide is a liquid 3,3’-methylenebis[5-methyloxazolidine] (MBO) based products used to control microbial contamination in fuels. It is a long lasting, dual phased, water free formulation.


AppearanceColorless to light yellow liquid
Pour Point-39°C
Density1.049 - 1.069 g/cm3 (8.754 - 8.921 lb/Gal)
SolubilityWater and fuel soluble
Ionic ChargeNon-ionic
pH10 (1.5 g/L or 0.013 lb/Gal solution)

MB7 FP Applications

Microbial Control

Fuel products and processes encounter issues with microbial contamination and require biocide treatment to maintain fuel quality and system health.

MB7 FP is a broad-spectrum fuel biocide tailored for easy addition to a wide range of fuel blends.

MB7 FP Features and Benefits

  • Long lasting, continues to work for months
  • Dual phased, highly effective in both the fuel and water phase
  • Water free, 99% active formulation

MB7 FP Recommended Use

  • MB7 FP is a registered fuel biocide. Please refer to product label for approved directions for use.


  • MB7 FP is available in totes and drums in the USA.

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